Tuesday, December 3, 2013

key words

Some found poems I pieced together out of reports my students gave me to correct:

we went to port
we went to port to take a boat
the weather was moist in the sea

the blue, clean water under the cliff
which was full of seaweed

I saw the big fish living in the clean water
eat bread which people gave

key words

1. The beginning of inquiry
wind blows hard in spring
And this is repeated
on a yearly basis

before rain band reaches Jeju,
Jeju is under the influence of winter monsoon

2. Method of inquiry

example of a windrose
a diagram of radiating lines 

Stones, women and wind 

3. Limit of inquiry 

there exists a limit coming from
that kind of idealization

just before sunrise
(zero pressure gradient)
there is no wind

4.Analysis of Collected Data 

gentle east-northeast wind blew at
the eastern Sungsan

the weather
is very changeable in the spring

4. Conclusion 

I was satisfied with the outcome
The answer to questions

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