Sunday, December 29, 2013

dispatches from nowhere #3

Found in a titanium capsule on the Antarctic ice. The interior of the capsule was inscribed with an as yet undeciphered code. The following message was embossed in gold foil, which accounts for its preservation. Based on the age of the surrounding ice, the capsule may have remained there for more than forty thousand years.

To whomever,

I do not expect you to heed my warning. But I am trying to reach you in the hope that some small alteration might be made, one thread tugged and raveled, a change.

We have books, this is something that remains to us. So we know how it was before, what has been lost. I say we know. By that I mean we grieve for something we have never seen, never smelled or touched.

We are between the narrowing walls of history. Trapped in a timely prison. You have pressed this upon us. Soon we will be crushed in the gears of this gigantic machine, along with all the rest.

While we endure, the utter chill of the vacuum has come into our world. The depth implacable is close at hand. Colder eyes than ours will it take to see beauty in this. Though it must be there. As it must be in you, though you be a fratricide.

At night the stars glint with crystalline fire in their cold firmament, there is nothing to mediate their harsh gaze, pitiless. Life the bittersweet veneer has been scraped from the rock. The ocean waves roll empty and barren, meaningless tides. The moon will make her circuit again, followed by no moth.

Do not come to this future. It is no place for you.

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